Social media is the easiest way to speak to your customers

I have experience in managing a number of social media platforms for various brands. Social Media isn’t just Facebook and Twitter – I understand the need for different businesses to target different audiences, and I tailor my use of social media to your target market.

I have controlled social media pages for a number of businesses, from radio stations, to events, to musicians.

Over 2 years I managed the social media accounts for radio station XS Manchester. During this time the station’s Facebook account had risen to over 40,000 likes and my posts have been seen by millions of users.

2 particular posts to highlight are the most successful Facebook posts ever on the station. I used my knowledge of the stations target audience to produce content that would provoke a reaction.

One Direction v Rolling Stones

The first post was made following the announcement of One Direction taking a hiatus. The stations listeners and users are passionate about rock music, and love to take the opportunity to mock the artists of today and champion the music they love. I branded the image to ensure people knew and could instantly recognise where the image came from.

It has been seen by nearly 6m people and generated a huge conversation in the comments tab – the definition of social media!

Beard v Non Beard

A few months later I broke the record I set for the stations social media with this post. I spotted the post on another Facebook page and recognised that this would perform well with our audience.

I credited the original page, as it was not content we produced ourself, and managed to reach a massive 17.5m people! The post continues to get new reactions every day – with the image not being particularly topical, it means we are likely to continue to see this grow long into the future.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 19.22.03

I currently manage the Facebook page for online radio station Classic Rock Radio – in 2017 I created a post that has so far reached almost 900,000 people. At this stage, the page had less than 6,000 likes, we were able to see tremendous growth in the weeks following, outperforming similar pages with a much larger social audience – as you can see below.

CRR Performance

Social Media is the most accessible form of marketing available. Contact me now to see how we can improve your online presence.