Your website needs to show the world who you are

A website is one of the most important factors in any business, whether you’re a freelancer, start-up or a large company. A well designed and managed website can be the difference between a client choosing you over a competitor.


I can build a new website for your business from the ground up, I’ll work with you to get the look and feel to exactly what you want. Together we’ll make sure your new website is perfect when it comes to the time to publish.

Want examples of my work? Well, the website you’re currently using was built by myself using a WordPress template which I customised exactly to what I wanted.

I also built and also the newly launched subscription site and I continue to manage the content published onto the sites.


If you already have a website, but you just want more people to use it, I can manage the content on your site to ensure that happens.

I worked with a small team of people of the content management for the radio station XS Manchester (formerly Real Radio XS) in January 2015, and eventually become the sole Content Manager in June. Within 12 months of working on the website, I had managed to double both the page views and unique users visiting the site on a weekly basis. By tracking where users were going when they visited the site, I was able to develop a strategy to not only draw more people on the site, but keep them there longer.

Website content isn’t simply writing a bit of text for someone to read. It’s publishing photos from your latest event, it’s providing entertainment with videos, it’s creating a micro-site within the site to give your clients a dedicated space for their business without users having to leave your site.

Sites I have produced content for include; Smooth Radio, XS Manchester, Heart, Chris CountryDesign a Gig and Be In Sync.

Would you like to discuss your website requirements with me and receive a free quote? Email me now and we’ll get to work.